Massage Therapy – Different Forms – Deep Tissue And Hot Stone Massage

A history of massage and it’s various forms.

It is little know the source and variety of history that massage holds. When people go to their local spa for an hour of relaxation they never realise that they are about to experience a practice that originated over 5,000 years ago. Massage is a form of therapy that is said to be able to cure pain, illnesses and mental suffering with the overall benefit of relaxing the receiver. Massage holds many powers, and those mentioned are just a few. Massage first appeared in India during 3000 BCE and since then has developed into a variety of different forms in the way its practiced. In India massage was first only know through word of mouth called Ayurveda. It was believed that to recover from any illness or pain a connection with both body and mind had to be catered for. Massage was then seen in such countries as China and Egypt. Egyptians are in fact credited for the massage know as Reflexology, which is the process of applying pressure points to the hands and feet.

From Japan to Greece then finally a huge resurgence in America massage has served humans for centuries. But what kinds of massages are preformed today and how can they help in different ways? Well here are a few different forms of modern massage.

Swedish Massage Therapy.

Swedish massage therapy, or as it is more commonly know, massage therapy, is the most popular and common form of massage and is the process of massage therapist using smooth, long strokes and kneading in circular motions to concentrate on layers of muscles, and is often used with an oil.

Deep Tissue Massage.

With this form of massage, the therapist uses slower deeper strokes on the muscles that allow the therapist to access deeper layers of muscle as well as it connective tissue. Deep tissue massage is know to treat any issues from postural problems to repetitive strain.

Sports Massage.

Sports massage is generally used by those who are in an athletic career, though you don’t have to be an athlete to feels its uses. The therapist uses certain strokes than tend to be faster than those used in a Swedish massage. This prevents injury and improves flexibility in the muscles, so that the person being massaged feels more limber.

Hot Stone Massage.

Hot stone massage is the most different of the four massages mentioned here. It is the process of applying smooth heated stones to certain areas of tension in the body, and allows the muscles to loosen with the heat. The therapist may also rub the stones into the muscle point to apply extra healing warmth to the body.

All in all, massage has been proven to provide relief and comfort to those suffering with physical or mental pain, and this has been proven by the thousands of years worth of practice. Massage is also for all and for those wondering if they should take their ailment to a massage therapist, it is certainly recommended that they do.

Alternative Healing Therapies: To Offer You Complete Wellness

Alternative healing is healing of the mind and body without the use of prescription drugs, or more conventional treatment methods. These healing methods, also know as homeopathy, can take on many different forms. These can include, but are not limited to meditation, herbal healing, acupuncture as well as acupressure and many others. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing your eating habits, getting the right kind of exercise, etc., that can put you on the road to better overall health.

Four Popular Alternative Healing Methods:

Energy Healing: Reiki, Healing Touch, and Pranic Healing are all energy healing methods. The field of energy medicine is growing – healthfully! This alternative healing method works using the idea that we are we are ultimately made up of quantum energy. Your energy can be influenced by universal energy and other energetic biofields (or auras). The goal is to restore balance to your energy centers and strengthen them.

Body Work: massage therapy, the Rosen Method, and Craniosacral therapy fall into this category. Massage by itself can be deeply soothing, which can help the body heal. Also, one of the theories behind body work is that memory is stored in our muscle tissue and that it can be released and healed with body work. This can lead to emotional, mental and physical healing.

Chinese Medicine: can help with pain management, depression, stress and insomnia. Some of the main methods of treatment include: acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, diet therapy, and qigong (a form of meditative exercise). Acupuncture works by having a doctor insert fine disposable needles at key meridians or energy points along your body. This may help dissolve energy blocks and help your body heal itself.

Ayurvedic Medicine: treats the whole person through a holistic assessment. In Ayurveda, your treatment is based on which “dosha” or body type you are. Once you have been assessed, purification and rebalancing of your specific dosha is recommended. Changes in diet, fitness and sleeping habits tailored to your particular body type may be recommended with this ancient East Indian medical practice.

The healing methods featured here may also be used as complementary therapies that work alongside mainstream medicine. (In this way they can also be called: “complementary” healing methods.)

Alternative and complementary healing methods may offer you hope where there wasn’t hope before. Explore your options and listen to your divine body. Alternative healing methods can help you radiate your ultimate health.